A Fairytale Wedding in Edinburgh. Harry and Kotrina's Love Story

22nd March 2024 2 min read

Introduction to an Edinburgh Wedding

Edinburgh, with its rich history and charming landscapes, played host to the enchanting union of Harry and Kotrina. The couple chose The Old Dr Bells Baths in Leith as their wedding venue, setting the stage for a magical celebration. Guided by the warm and heartfelt words of celebrant Margery from Eternal Soul Light and captured through the lens of award-winning and affordable wedding photographer Kris Soul, their wedding was a testament to love, family, and the unique beauty of Edinburgh.

The Wedding Venue

Nestled in the heart of Leith, The Old Dr Bells Baths provided the perfect backdrop for Harry and Kotrina's special day. With its historic charm and character, this unique venue added a touch of romance to the celebration. The exposed brick walls, high ceilings, and natural light streaming through the large windows created an intimate and inviting atmosphere for the couple and their guests.

The Wedding Celebrant

Margery from Eternal Soul Light officiated the ceremony, infusing it with love and spirituality. Her warm and personal approach added a unique touch to the celebration, making Harry and Kotrina's vows even more meaningful. Margery's ability to connect with the couple and their families made the wedding ceremony memorable and cherished.

Capturing the Magic of the Wedding

Kris Soul Photography, an award-winning and affordable wedding photographer based in Edinburgh, skillfully documented every moment of Harry and Kotrina's wedding day. Kris's unique perspective and attention to detail ensured that the essence of the couple's love and the beauty of their surroundings were beautifully captured. The resulting images are not just photographs but timeless memories that will be treasured for a lifetime.

A Family Affair

What made Harry and Kotrina's wedding even more special was the inclusion of their loved ones. The couple's daughter played a crucial role in the ceremony, walking down the aisle hand-in-paw with the bride's best furry friend. This heartwarming addition not only added a touch of whimsy to the day but also highlighted the importance of family in Harry and Kotrina's journey.


Harry and Kotrina's wedding in Edinburgh was a true fairytale affair, set against the backdrop of The Old Dr Bells Baths in Leith. With Margery's heartfelt words, Kris Soul's captivating wedding photography, and the inclusion of their cherished family members, the couple created a day that was as unique and special as their love story. This celebration marked the beginning of their journey as a married couple. It showcased the beauty of love, family, and the enchanting city of Edinburgh.