Linda & Craigs Love Story: A Wedding at Melville Castle near Edinburgh

4th June 2024 2 min read

A Romantic Scottish-American Wedding at Melville Castle near Edinburgh: Linda & Craig's Love Story

Love knows no boundaries, and Linda and Craig's journey from a serendipitous meeting in the USA to a heartwarming wedding in Scotland is a testament to this. Their intimate celebration at Melville Castle, nestled near the enchanting city of Edinburgh, was a beautiful blend of cultures and emotions captured perfectly by Kris Soul Photography.

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A Cross-Continental Love Story

Linda, a spirited Scottish lass, and Craig, a charming American gentleman, first crossed paths in the bustling vibrancy of the USA. Their connection was instant, a spark that transcended their diverse backgrounds. Over time, their relationship blossomed, leading them to make a monumental decision – to start their new life together in the picturesque landscapes of Scotland.

Craig embraced his new Scottish home with open arms, and together, they decided to celebrate their love in a setting that encapsulated their fairy-tale romance – the historic and elegant Melville Castle.

The Venue: Melville Castle Hotel

With its majestic architecture and lush gardens, Melville Castle provided the perfect backdrop for Linda and Craig's wedding. The castle's grandeur and serene environment made it an ideal location for their small, intimate ceremony. The couple wanted a relaxed and personal celebration, surrounded by close family and friends, and Melville Castle delivered just that.

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A Ceremony of Love

Lorraine Hunter, a renowned Humanist Celebrant, officiated the wedding. She brought warmth and a personal touch to the ceremony. Her words resonated with the couple's journey and commitment to each other, making the event deeply meaningful.

The ceremony was a beautiful blend of Scottish traditions and American influences, reflecting Linda and Craig's unique backgrounds. From the heartfelt vows to the gentle hand-fasting ritual, every moment was crafted to celebrate their union.

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Captured Moments: Kris Soul Photography - wedding photographer in Edinburgh

Kris Soul Photography, an award-winning and affordable wedding photography service based in Edinburgh, was entrusted with capturing the essence of Linda and Craig's special day. Known for their relaxed and candid style, Kris Soul immortalised every fleeting emotion and joyous smile.

The photographs showcased the elegance of the castle, the couple's genuine emotions, and the enchanting moments they shared with their loved ones. From the tender glances to the joyous laughter, each image told a story of love and happiness.

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A New Beginning in Scotland

Linda and Craig's wedding was not just a celebration of their love but also a celebration of new beginnings. They embarked on a journey filled with promise and excitement with Scotland as their new home. Their wedding at Melville Castle perfectly reflected their love story – a blend of tradition and modernity, of two cultures coming together to create something beautiful.

As they start this new chapter of their lives, Linda and Craig's story reminds us that love truly knows no borders. Their wedding day was a perfect harmony of their past, present, and future, captured forever in the heart of Scotland.

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Inspiration for your Edinburgh Wedding Photography

If you're looking for inspiration for your intimate and relaxed wedding or want to find the perfect photographer to capture your special day, take a cue from Linda and Craig's magical celebration at Melville Castle. Your wedding can be just as unforgettable with the right blend of love, tradition, and a picturesque setting.

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