Jen & Gordons Unforgettable Wedding at The Hawes Inn, South Queensferry

19th June 2024 2 min read

Location: The Hawes Inn, South Queensferry, Near Edinburgh

Wedding Photography: Kris Soul Photography


Nestled on the picturesque shores of the Firth of Forth, The Hawes Inn in South Queensferry served as the perfect backdrop for Jen and Gordon's intimate wedding. This charming 17th-century inn, with its stunning views of the iconic Forth Bridge, provided a magical setting that the talented Kris Soul Photography beautifully captured.

The Venue

With its historical charm and cozy atmosphere, The Hawes Inn is an ideal venue for small weddings. Its proximity to Edinburgh makes it convenient, while its scenic surroundings offer endless opportunities for breathtaking wedding photos. The inn's rustic elegance and tranquil waterfront setting created a romantic ambiance that was perfect for Jen and Gordon's special day.

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The Ceremony and Celebration

Surrounded by close family and friends, Jen and Gordon exchanged their vows in an intimate ceremony. The Hawes Inn's welcoming environment made everyone feel at home, and the warmth of the occasion was palpable. The couple's beloved pets, Harry the Golden Retriever and Hamish the Shipoo, added a delightful touch to the celebrations, embodying the spirit of love and joy.

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Photography by Kris Soul

Kris Soul Photography, renowned for its relaxed and informal style of wedding photography, perfectly captured the day's essence. Based in Edinburgh but traveling all over Scotland, Kris Soul is known for creating stunning, award-winning images at affordable prices. The photographer's ability to blend into the background and capture candid moments allowed Jen and Gordon to enjoy their day without feeling posed or pressured.

From the heartfelt exchanges during the ceremony to the joyous celebrations that followed, Kris Soul's photographs tell the day's story with warmth and authenticity. The natural beauty of South Queensferry, combined with the historical charm of The Hawes Inn, provided the perfect canvas for Kris Soul's artistry.

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Why Choose The Hawes Inn?

For couples seeking a unique and memorable wedding venue near Edinburgh, The Hawes Inn offers:

Historical Charm: A venue steeped in history, adding a timeless quality to your wedding.

Scenic Beauty: Stunning views of the Firth of Forth and the iconic Forth Bridge, ideal for wedding photos.

Cozy Atmosphere: Perfect for small, intimate gatherings with family and friends.

Convenient Location: Easy access from Edinburgh, making it an excellent choice for local and traveling guests.

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Jen and Gordon's wedding at The Hawes Inn was a testament to the beauty of small, intimate celebrations. With the perfect combination of a charming venue, a talented photographer, and the love and support of family and friends, their day was nothing short of magical. If you're planning a wedding in Scotland and looking for a venue with character and charm, The Hawes Inn in South Queensferry is an exceptional choice.

And with Kris Soul Photography to capture every moment, your special day will be remembered forever.

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Your Wedding Day

If you are considering The Hawes Inn or any other Edinburgh venue, please consider Kris Soul Photography for your wedding photographs. Please get in touch with us for further information.